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Copper clad copper (copper plating) is modified based on copper clad steel and copper clad aluminum process on a new generation of products, it uses the high quality copper alloy material, through advanced technology of copper is covered with a layer of copper copper on the surface, is a line of audio and video and electronic communication cable material of choice. The advantages and disadvantages of products, and 1. Compared to copper clad aluminum copper clad copper have antioxidant properties and good tensile strength. The conductive properties and oxidation resistance of copper clad copper clad 2.. Are better than that of copper clad steel. 4 compared with copper, it's light weight, low price, good strength. Disadvantage is poor conductivity.
According to the former Ministry of Posts and telecommunications products YD / T72294, YD/T897.11997 / T3048, the national GB international certification SGS environmental quality certification, British BS4087, have higher requirements, more comprehensive enterprise standard American ASTM series standard (Q / YC012007).
Product specification, type: 0.10---4.0mm diameter, electrical conductivity 16%---40%.

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