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Copper plating round steel using the most advanced four dimension plating method or method of continuous casting process the purity of 99.9% or more of the electrolytic copper cover to the surface of copper is established.Has good conductivity, low resistance, high efficient, less construction joint, a lot of advantage, is the best choice to replace traditional grounding material.
Copper round steel compared with copper cladding steel grounding rods is more soft, production can be made into disc, straightening in site (more than 14 mm diameter copper plating round steel straightening still very difficult, must with the aid of hoist equipment) and bending, this also and copper plating is the purpose of the round steel is often used in the horizontal grounding.
Copper plating round steel is divided into linear and disc, linear specifications generally is 6 m/root, generally divided into 100 m/dial disc specification, also can be customized to other length specifications.

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