Selling Guide

So you’ve made the decision to sell and need a little help to get started, no problem we’ve got it all covered in this guide.

Take control of your sale with our selling guides

Get your property ready

The first priority is to get your place in the best possible shape and presentable, so it looks amazing when you take photos and videos for your listing.

• Focus on presenting your property in the best light by cleaning your bathroom and kitchen surfaces.
  • A fresh lick of paint can really make a difference.

Set your asking price

Your price is the biggest factor in your sale, so do your research. Your local area has numerous platform for comparing sold property prices. Your area’s sold prices will also be shown on the app.  

• If you are really struggling with the valuation then it’s worth asking a local property agent for some guidance.

Photos and Videos

Make sure the photos and videos show as much of your property as possible. It’s best to take a few extra photos and videos (high quality ones of course!) and then select the best ones to upload.  

• Try different heights of the camera and turn on the lights if there is lack of natural light. Capture as much of the rooms / spaces as possible.

Creating your listing

This is the easy part! You know your property value and you’ve taken your photos and videos. Now all you need to do is “Create a listing” on the app and input the information.   The process is broken down in to 5 simple steps and should take no longer than 15 to 20 minutes. After the listing is submitted all you need to do is submit your video verification and ID documents. Once everything has been reviewed by our admin team we will send you a notification to say that your listing has gone live.

Managing your viewings

Once your listing is live you’ll be able to add your availability for viewings, which can be done via a video call and onsite viewings.  

• You could book out one day where you arrange multiple back to back viewings, but just ensure you leave some gaps to avoid any awkward overlaps.

Negotiate a price with the buyer

The most important thing to decide how much you are willing to accept beforehand and make sure you don’t go below that figure. Don’t be afraid to turn down offers, especially the cheeky ones! But do it in a friendly way so that the buyer knows you’ve left the door open and can submit a revised offer.   • Beware of the hagglers! They will do whatever it takes to price you down especially if you’re selling to a friend or family member.

Accepting the offer

Once you have accepted an offer through the app a Memo of Sale will be generated and you can share this with your Solicitors. Just make sure the solicitors details are entered in the app.  

• If you need a solicitor then ask friends or family for recommendation or contact us and we can provide one from our pre-vetted list.

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